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Yagurli Tours, owned and operated by the Gangalidda and Garawa Peoples, will delight visitors to the region with river cruises, tag-along with various 4WD tour options and stargazing with a cultural twist!


Who knows what bird this is?

05 August 19

It's a Brolga, the name is taken from the Aboriginal language Gamilaraay, in which they are called, burralga. They have an elaborate courtship dance, Brolgas are one of Australia’s most iconic birds. A number of traditional legends and dances are associated with this bird and use movements that mimick their graceful performances. Moungibi (Burketown) is a great place to go birdwatching because seeing birds is easy, they are everywhere you look.

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The Morning Glory Clouds or Mabuntha

29 July 19

The Morning Glory Clouds or Mabuntha in our language is the rare meteorological phenomenon that rolls across the Gulf and can be observed above the skies in Burketown in September & October. We believe the morning glory was created by Walalu, the Rainbow Serpent, and is of great cultural significance. It is told that the cloud rolls over and picks up the spirits of those passed before us and sets them free #YagurliTours
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14 July 19

In our culture crocodiles have the most unbreakable, undefeatable spirit on the whole planet. Gambumanda (Albert River) is home to salties, you might spot a few on our Malara Fishing Charter or Gambumanda Sunset cruise. Explore Tropical North Queensland Visit Queensland, Australia Experience Outback Queensland, Australia

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