Yagurli Tours is an Indigenous owned business based in Burketown, owned and operated by the Gangalidda and Garawa Peoples.

Yagurli Tours will delight visitors to the region by providing two river cruise tour options, along with tag-along with various 4WD tour options and stargazing with a cultural twist!


  • Burketown Visitor Centre
    ABN: 88 161 140 718
  • Burketown Team
  • 87 Musgrave Streets
    Burketown QLD 4830
  • PO Box 71 Burketown QLD 4830
  • info@burketown.com.au
  • +61 (07) 4745 5111


EWay Information After completing the application and payment has been succesfully processed, you will, within a few minutes, receive an email confirmation from Burketown Visitor Centre with your booking details and payment confirmation.