Burketown exists in a monsoonal climatic zone characterised by distinctive 'wet' and 'dry' seasons.

Traditional knowledge identifies a greater number of seasons and distinguishes between them in reference to elemental and living phenomena.

The 'wet' summer months from December to March are hot and humid with average temperatures in the mid thirties and maximums in the mid fourties. This period is characterised by abundant growth and activity of flora and fauna, including migrating species. Rain poses a hazard while driving with road closures possible.

The 'dry' winter months from May to October have warm days averaging in the high twenties and low thirties, little rain, and offer cooler evening temperatures and clear night skies.

CLCAC Seasonal Calendar

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Weather & Tidal Information

Burketown Weather Forecast (BOM)

Four Day Synoptic Forecast (BOM)

Mornington Island Weather Radar (BOM)

Burketown Tide Chart 2017 (BOM)

Burketown Tide Chart 2018 (BOM)

Burketown wharf tides are approximately 3.5 hours behind Karumba.

Albert River Mouth Tide Chart 2017 (BOM)

Albert River Mouth Tide Chart 2018 (BOM)

Albert River mouth tides are approximately 2 hours behind Karumba and are the most reliable.

Karumba Tide Chart 2017 (BOM)

2018 Queensland Tide Tables (PDF, 5.21 MB)

2017 Queensland Tide Tables (PDF, 4.51 MB)

Actual times have the potential to change depending on weather conditions.

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