Camping is a great way to experience the Australian bush and see native wildlife!

There are 4 areas designated for camping around Burketown that are accessible to the general public. Each area have with several camp sites. 

Meatwork Campsite 11


Located just a few kilometres northeast of town, all sites are easily accessible by all vehicles, but still secluded. There are several historical

Wharf - Camp Site 23


The wharf is a largely flat and open area just 7km from town on bitumen road. Guttapercha and mangroves are the predominate vegetation with

Bridge to Bottleheap - Campsite 1

Bridge to Bottleheap

Bridge to BottleHeap area provides a combination of camping and day-use sites and is the closest camping to town - two access points approximately

Dean Creek - Campsite 30

Dean's Creek

Dean's Creek is a remote area from town crossing margins of the saltpans that can be influenced by the tide. This area is only 12km from town, but