The Gangalidda Garawa people are recognised as traditional owners of land in and around Burketown and are part of Australia's rich cultural heritage that dates back more than 70,000 years. It is one of the world's oldest continual cultures. It has a diversity of language, art, dance, with a core primary cultural value of looking after country and living sustainably. These are highly prised values in a modern urbanised world.

The Gangalidda Garawa people and country deliver a unique, highly valued experience to visitors to country, including opportunities to visit Lardil, Yangkaal, and Kaisdilt people and their islands.

The integration of Gangalidda Garawa experiences into the Morning Glory Festival event, enables visitors to engage with traditional culture and knowledge, and the unique environment of the southern Gulf including the offshore islands.

The Gangalidda Garawa people have formal recognition of their first nation existence and rights through their Australian High Court judgement with Native Title rights to maintain and practice traditional activities, which is also a significant and unique part of the Gangalidda Garawa story.

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Barramundi Fishing

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