The plains of promise. A fertile ground for the photographer, artist, amateur astronomer, or adventurer looking to feel the endless quality of the remote wild. 

The lower Gulf area, in which Burketown lies, has large aggregate area of saltpans in Australia that during the monsoon season generate into a wetland in excess of 2 million hectares, again the largest in Australia.

In his “Discoveries in Australia; with an account of the coasts and rivers explored and surveyed during the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle, in the years 1837-38-39-40-41-42-43, by command of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty”, Captain John Lort Stokes noted,

"…a vast, boundless plain lay before us.... All was lonely and still, and yet even in these deserted plains, equally wanting in the redundance of animal as in the luxuriance of vegetable life I could discover the rudiments of future prosperity and ample justification of the name which I had bestowed upon them "The Plains of Promise".

Stoke’s survey work laid the framework for the navigation of Northern Australia. His survey work still forms the basis of much of the charted information, particularly in the Kimberley region of north Western Australia.


The Burketown Visitor Centre presents a unique opportunity to explore these natural landscapes. This is a unique opportunity to discover the historical and natural wonders of Gulf Country as you traverse Australia’s largest area of salt pans, following the lead of your knowledgeable guide to sites once surveyed by explorers such as Wills, Landsborough, Walker and Stokes. Join our TAG-ALONG 4WD TOUR tour to experience the beauty of the plains by night.