Burketown and the Morning glory brings gliders from far and wide to surf this spectacular, rare cloud formation

Burketown, with its Morning Glory Clouds, has become well known to gliding and hang gliding enthusiasts thanks to the seasonal and daily regularity with which the clouds appear. A rare meteorological phenomenon, these roll clouds do sometimes appear at different places around the world, although Burketown, in the Gulf of Carpenteria, is the only place where they appear frequently, at set times of the year, between September and October.

These amazing clouds can be up to 1,000 kilometres long (longer than Britain), stretch from horizon to horizon and travel at speeds of up to 60km per hour! Cloud height varies, but can be between one and two kilometers high.

Rolling across the Gulf, the Morning Glory is often accompanied by sudden wind squalls and intense low-level wind shears. In front of the cloud, there is a strong vertical motion that transports air up through the cloud and creates the rolling motion.

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Patience is a virtue when waiting for a Morning Glory. They are not daily and do not keep a schedule, however, Savannah Aviation has got some top tips to watch out for.

If there has been a brisk sea breeze blowing through Burketown all day and the fridges in the Burketown Pub have frosted over, then there is a very good chance that the next day, you will see a Morning Glory Cloud roll its away towards town, bringing smiles and wonderment to locals, gliders and cloud lovers alike.

For further information on these amazing clouds go to www.dropbears.com/australia/morning-glory/